Peace Vibration with Crystal Bowls at rice terraces 2022/04/13

peace vibration

Peace Vibration with Crystal Bowls at rice terraces in Japan by monk beat
In Japan’s satoyama areas, rice paddies are filled with water in April and various sounds resonate well. Today, monk beat played crystal bowls in terraced rice fields filled with water from the heavens. The sound of the crystal bowl reflected on the surface of the water and resonated with frogs, birds, and various other creatures. This is “Peace Vibration!” We would like to resonate with you through the video! Thank you to everyone at the “Small Earth” project ♡♡♡♡
この時期、南房総の田んぼには水が入り様々な音が良く響くようになります。 今日は鴨川市釜沼で「小さな地球」プロジェクトが耕す天水棚田にてクリスタルボウルを響かせました。 クリスタルボウルの音が水面に反射し、そこにいるカエルや鳥や様々な生き物が共鳴しました。 monk beat で作る”Peace Vibration”です。 動画を介して、皆様と共鳴したいです!

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